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Women: The Real Muscle Behind Online Commerce

Here’s the bottom line: Women are blogging, women are reading those blogs, and women are deciding what to purchase based on what they read from the blogs they follow.

Nielsen recently published a comprehensive report on the current state of the “blogosphere”, based on data taken from the 181 million blogs the company tracks around the world. According to the data, the majority of bloggers are young women, typically aged between 18 and 34. One in three bloggers were mothers and 52 percent of all bloggers were parents with children under age 18. The report also found that bloggers in general were well-educated, with 70 percent having gone to college, and the majority of this (70 percent) were graduates.

In order to maximize their financial potential, women need to concentrate on one or two topics, and it’s more profitable to blog about travel and parenthood than knitting or stamp collecting. BlogHer’s Elisa Camahort says, “Mom and tech/business bloggers get a lot of attention as revenue-generators, but food, entertainment, do-it-yourself, and fashion are hugely valuable verticals as well. There are even purely personal storytelling bloggers who are turning their way with words into a livelihood. Women who blog are the new Oprahs, Marthas and Ermas.”

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