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Comfort Zones Are Overrated

Hello Friends!

It’s officially been one week since our launch. We had a little technology snafu,  but we rolled with it and isn’t that how life tends to go anyway? Peaks and valley’s friends. Peaks and valleys.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to join James and Arlene Martell’s Affiliate Buzz on WebmasterRadio.  In addition to being the radio pros they so obviously are, they’re also so warm and friendly. Before we were live, we had a little chat during our sound check, both reassuring me about the process(“it’s just a conversation”), which did settled my butterflies a bit. Then we went live, and I forgot who I was, what I did and how I did it.

My name? How did She Is Media come to be? I had even planned to send out radio love to some of our AMAZING bloggers who had sent me good wishes. Forget it. It was gone. I had not one formed thought in my head. So naturally I rambled. After the interview I took off my headset and laid my head on the desk.  Then I walked out of the office, where I received some muffled “Good Jobs” but no one would make eye contact with me. At that moment I received a text from my 15 year old daughter, who had been listening.

Marley: “Nailed it.”

Me: “I didn’t nail it. I lost my mind and I was rambling”

Marley: “No you weren’t. You were fine, Mom. You ramble all the time and people seem to like it. It’s fine.”

Me: “Ummm, thanks for the support?”

Marley: “Fo Sho. Chipotle for dinner?”

And there you have it folks, it was fine. I ramble all the time apparently and people like it. I’m not a public speaker, a TV or radio personality. I’m just me and I did fine, not great but fine. I’ll take it.

I’m reminded of a recent annoying post on Facebook( I will not confirm or deny that I was the one that posted it), “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  We all nod, hit the like button, maybe even share it, but when your french manicured big toe is about to actually step out of that “comfort zone”, it’s not all that fun. Guess what? You do it anyway, because that is how we stretch ourselves, and when we stretch we grow as individuals….and when we grow as individuals we get Chipotle for dinner.

To all the sweet, lovely bloggers who emailed me, head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages I’m going to send you some social media love, because YOU ROCK!



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