Live Big

I Dare You!

I double dog dare you!

I dare you to speak your dream out loud today. To anyone.  Your best girlfriend. Your mother. Your partner. Your mailperson. The dog. It doesn’t matter to whom you share,  just speak it out load.

Come on, you know you have one. We all have one. We may think it’s too big or even too little. We may think it’s unrealistic. We may not even know how to verbalize it exactly, and for most of us we may not know where to begin, but we all have one.

Your dream could be to write a historical fiction novel that’s been rumbling around with characters ready to come to life on paper, OR to be the best personal chef with the flakiest pie crust West of the Mississippi, OR to start a non-profit to support women and children in need, OR to compete in an Iron Women competition, OR to start a winery.

Who do you think you are?  You are Brave. You are Bold. You are Powerful. You are Beautiful. You are Worthy.

Now what’s stopping you?

Excerpt from Kelly Corrigan’s essay, I Dare You.



Keep dreaming and keep blogging!


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