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Are you a TV buff? Well we have the perfect site for you! is the fun TV Trivia site where you can win cash and prizes just for playing! Each day, RewardTV creates over 100 new TV Trivia Games for shows that aired yesterday. Play and earn points that may be redeemed  for available products and/or services listed in the Rewards Catalog! Promote this pay per online lead campaign today!
Here’s how RewardTV works:Step 1 – Watch your favorite TV shows.

Step 2 – Visit and select the shows you watched yesterday….

Step 3 – Earn Points by playing TV Trivia Games for each of the shows you selected.

Step 4 – Cash in your Points for prizes.

RewardTV Signup
Tracker Type Online Lead
Payout $1.60
Referral Period 30 days
Payout Scheduling 1 months and 0 days after the end of the month
Campaign Creatives
Online Tracking Link


If you have any questions about this campaign please contact:

Ashley Gracis|Director of Business Development and Affiliate Relations


Office: (720) 583-1136 X 907

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