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She Is Media Partners with AtContent. A Match Made in Heaven.

SheIsMedia and AtContent Drive Smarter Blogging Outreach, Bringing More Views, Clicks and Sales.

Repost high quality relevant content with a few clicks and earn on it!

With our new partner AtContent, you can now repost high quality relevant content on your blog with just a few clicks and monetize your blog in a better way!
The AtContent technology allows bloggers to repost relevant content with just a few clicks. Reposts are equivalent to a full size articles or posts, leveraging JavaScript, nofollow and canonical tags. AtContent is therefore SEO neutral.
When you repost sponsored content on your blog, all the affiliate links are already included, so you don’t need to do any additional work. You can easily add your comment to a repost, explaining to your readers why you decided to share this particular post with them.
Here is how it works:
Once you sign into your SheIsMedia account, choose a campaign, marked with “_AtContent” and:

1. Click on a “get content” link in the campaign description

2. Once you got onto AtContent page, enter your credentials to get an access to a sponsored content.
3. Click “Repost” under a post you like, add a comment if you’d like and repost it via “one click repost” or via the Embed Code.
That’s it! SheIsMedia and AtContent will track all the clicks and views of the post on your blog. Thus, be sure you promote the post actively over the week to get maximum of views and clicks.

All the earnings will be available in your SheIsMedia account.

If you have any questions,

Ashley Gracis|Director of Business Development and Affiliate Relations
Office: (720) 583-1136 X 930

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