Social Media Shenanigans mixed with a bit a Chaos always makes for a good time.

What a huge success Social Media Shenanigans turned out to be! By 7:oo  we had a full house at Rock Bottom Brewery  buzzing with excitement.  Food, drinks, friends, great conversation, networking and a fun photo booth consumed the evening. Proving the truth and genius in Ted Rubins  free spirited 20-minute presentation on the importance of building true relationships not only in person but through all of our social channels. He gave us tools to look people in the eye digitally and talked about return on relationship (#RonR). He stated ” We’re super-connected, yet somehow disconnected at the same time.” which is ever so true in this day and age.  He truly inspired this room full of social media, techie junkies to bring it back to simple human interaction and showed us how to apply it to our lives online.

We had so much fun, learned valuable lessons and made some amazing new friends. Thank you Joel Comm for organizing this event! We cant wait to see you all at the next Social Media Shenanigans!


Group selfie!


WHAT!? SmarterChaos shots!?!

New York Times Best-selling author Joel Comm , Leading Social Marketing Strategist Ted Rubin and The Chief Of Chaos and Founder of She Is Media Matt Frary.

Smarter Chaos/She Is Media team photo boothing it up.

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