Promote Our New Affilite Program Beautysleep with a free sample!

It’s no secret that beauty sleep is real. While you sleep your body naturally repairs the skin, improves muscle tone, clears harmful toxins and prepares for the next day.
BeautySleep was created to support and improve these natural activities; feeding your body what it needs to give you a great night’s rest. These essential sleep aids, antioxidants and vitamins help you fall asleep easily, nourish your skin and enhance your beauty while you sleep.


Promote Beautysleep with a free sample!

Pay Rate: You earn $30.00 (Flat Fee per sale)
Allowed: Text Link, Banner, Online Tracking Link
Accepted Countries: US
Payment Scheduling: Approved Transactions are paid 5 days after they lock
Action Locking: All actions happening in a given month are locked 1 months and 0 days after the end of the month


If you have any questions about this campaign please contact:

Ashley Gracis | Director of Business Development and Affiliate Relations


Office: (720) 583-1136 X 907

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