Salted Affiliate Program Is Here!

Learn to cook with videos from famous chefs and earn a great commission promoting!

Salted is a new type of cooking school. So much has changed in the world of cooking over the last decade, but the way we learn how to cook has hardly changed at all. They believe there’s got to be a better way, and that a world class cooking education shouldn’t cost thousands, or even hundreds of dollars.

Salted is working with 50+ of the best chefs in the country to build something truly unique, a cooking education grounded in beautiful HD video, exclusive courses with celebrated chefs, and an elevated foodie experience that’s accessible to literally anyone with an Internet connection.

Salted has big plans, join us on the exciting journey ahead.

Payout: You earn $10.00 (Flat Fee per sale)

Allowed: Email, Display, Contextual

Accepted Countries: United States

Conversion Tracked Upon: Pixel fires on credit card submit.

Payment Scheduling: Net 30

Action Locking: 10 days after the end of the month

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