Trim – A personal finance bot and a hot offer!

Finances are hard, and corporations have become very good at signing us up for things. For example, the subscription model – where you’re billed monthly for a service or product – has expanded from magazines and gym memberships to just about everything. Recurring billing takes advantage of our natural forgetfulness: It’s a lot easier to sign up for something than it is to remember to cancel it!

Trim first launched seven months ago, with a focus on identifying and canceling unwanted subscriptions. The team estimates they have saved users $6 million so far.

Now you can promote Trim to your readers!

Trim Savings finds coupons and auto-magically redeems them for you. Once you link your Visa card, Trim will find cashback coupons and automatically redeem them when you shop. Limited-time bonus: we’re offering $40 in cashback coupons for new users.

Trim Financial Manager is a virtual personal assistant that constantly works to save you money. Cancel your old subscriptions, set spending alerts, check how much you spent on Uber last month, and automatically fight fees…to name a few cool ways Trim adds value. Trim is now the largest and fastest-growing chatbot for personal finance. It is not an app!

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  3. Get paid $3 for Savings and $2.75 for Financial Manager when users sign up and connect accounts through your affiliate links.