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$5 Starter Set

However you Get Ready, Welcome to the Club. We’ve got everything you need to look, feel and smell your best. Build your better bathroom with Dollar Shave Club’s exclusive products:
Dr. Carver’s Shave Products: Everything you need for a peaceful shave, from start to finish.Big Cloud Skincare Products: Compromise-free skin protection from Mother Nature’s harshest elements.Boogie’s Hair Stylers: A full line of hair styling products fortified with natural ingredients to help improve hair health. Wanderer Shower Products: Vitamin-rich, sulfate-free cleansers made with gentle ingredients for a sophisticated, hydrating clean.One Wipe Charlies: Peppermint tingling, moist wipes. The #1 way to clean up after #2. The DSC Traveler Bag: Take your bathroom on the move with the DSC Traveler.

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