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Disney+ Subscription Cards Available NOW!

It’s that time of the year again – Santas are clausing, kids are being left home alone, and the cold isn’t bothering anyone! This week brings holiday cheer to Disney+ viewers as well as new ways for our partners to learn more about everything that Disney+ has to offer. 

Disney+ Gift Subscription Cards are now available digitally! Subscription cards make it possible to gift a 1-year subscription to anyone on your gift list for $69.99 – gift guides, here we come! Conditions apply, see rules & details below:

  • You will earn a $16 bounty for each Disney+ Gift Subscription Card purchase
  • Valid for new Disney+ subscribers only
  • US only
  • Physical gift cards are also available for purchase in US Disney Store and select Disneyland and Walt Disney Stores
  • Disney+ Subscription Cards cannot be used to purchase the Disney bundle
  • Gift Subscription Cards do not include a 7-day free trial
  • Please note that preferred messaging is Disney+ Gift Subscription Cards NOT gift cards (we are not legally authorized to refer to these at “gift cards”)

Interested in promoting Disney+?

  1. Preview the Disney+ lander here.
  2. Sign up for the Disney+ campaign on She Is Media
  3. Get paid: $16 for each annual gift subscription, $6 for each free trial and $20 for bundle purchase made through your affiliate links.

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