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Build A Future

You don’t need to wait for a special match offer to help make a difference, you can help support teachers fill their classroom everyday – without emptying their wallets. Every year, 94% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies for their students. Our mission is to make sure they don’t have to. When you give any amount to these projects , you’ll be supporting a classroom to help build a future.

Impact and reach

  • Started in 2000 by a public school teacher; 20 years of work
  • $900 million given by over 4 million individual donors
  • 1.5 million teacher requests funded
  • Over 30 million students impacted
  • Teachers in 80% of US public schools have been funded through our site
  • 60,000-100,000 requests live on the site at any given moment 
  • Projects are live and have been funded in all 50 states

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