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Let’s Get Checked

LetsGetChecked provide discreet and simple personal health testing that allows you to self-collect your samples and return to our laboratories for analyzing  Confidential results are delivered to our customer’s online account within 2 to 5 days. 

From the moment you press add to cart, your LetsGetChecked Journey begins. ⁠⁠

With every test kit, comes with the equipment you need to quickly and easily collect a sample for testing. Each kit comes with a return envelope which ensures fast delivery of your samples to our labs for testing.

We use the highest accredited facilities to process your samples, so you can be confident with the accuracy of your results. ⁠

With every test kit, you receive access to our dedicated clinical team. On your dashboard, you can monitor your results over time, and track your success from bringing healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine! You can track all aspects of your health, from results to your diet, to your daily step count. Your dashboard will allow you to instantly become more engaged with your health. ⁠

Everyone deserves access to convenient and affordable lab testing, however, just getting a result is simply not enough. Our service wants to help empower you to take this information and be more proactive about your health.⁠

We are so much more than just a box.

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