About She Is Media

It’s safe to say that we think girls rule here at She Is Media.

Our only goal is to support you and be your partners in the journey of affiliate marketing. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you share your story and support your passions. Think of us as your biggest cheerleaders, pom poms and all, rooting and working for you to be successful in the performance marketing world.

We, the super and fantastic women of the world, have been leading, connecting and building relationships for generations. Well before blogging was even a glint in the eye of some young hipster, women have been storytelling. On playgrounds, around kitchen tables and PTA’s, in communities, organizations and board rooms, women inherently know how to be supportive and be supported.

Our bloggers are innovators and influencers in their field, and that’s why they choose to be a part of She Is Media. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of women-focused performance marketing.